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This video was shot at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science as part of their annual Teachers Open House. Prophet, our augur buzzard, was released on the third floor of the atrium. The camera was set up just below her perch with most of the audience standing behind the camera. Prophet appears on the balcony at the upper right, near the bright light, and she flies down to the ground floor. The second flight is from her perch back up to the second floor, her perch is in front of the large bright circle on the left of the video. The third flight is back to the ground floor perch.

The laughter that is heard just after she leaves her ground floor perch for the second time is the audience reaction when Prophet lands on top of her crate rather than flying into it (off camera). Shortly after that the applause signals her entry into her crate and the end of the flights.

Events like this bring the beauty of flight closer to the public and serve to inspire conservation consciousness. Call (505) 281 5210 or email us to bring inspiration to your event!

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