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Avian Ambassadors is a project utilizing birds of prey in entertaining free flight displays and demonstrations.

Sid Price founded Avian Ambassadors in early 2003. After working for many years at Wildlife West Nature Park (also in New Mexico) with mammals and birds in public presentations Avian Ambassadors was conceived to fulfill Sid's dream of continuing to share his vast experience in the entertainment industry with his passion for birds and public education.

"It is my firm belief that people will only protect and preserve what they have personally experienced and can, in a sense, make their own."

In the current times everyone, children and adults alike, is immersed in sophisticated audiovisual experiences for both advertising and entertainment. It seems that everyone is conditioned to expect the "Disney Experience". In this context environmental educators must also raise the standards of their programs if they are to stand even the smallest chance of touching their audiences with their message.

"As educators we must change from presenters of dry fact to entertainers. While the audience is laughing we have the opportunity to make contact, to develop a relationship, and deliver a much more subtle, powerful, and lasting message."

Read this short article about Sid's approach to shows.

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