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These papers and equipment designs are provided for information purposes. If you use an equipment design please ensure that it is suitable for your application.

Aggression and aggressive behaviors are common subjects of conversations that occur whenever bird trainers gather to discuss their shows and their collections. This paper examines one subject, a female augur buzzard (Buteo augur), the nature and triggers of the aggression, the attempts to reduce the unwanted aggressive behaviors, and the adjustments of expectations that lead to the bird becoming one of the most reliable cast members of the show.


Aggression: Reduction by Adjustment of Expectations

First presented at the IAATE 2007 International Conference in Tacoma, WA, USA


Strong Foundations and Adjustments - Keys to Training Success

First presented at the IAATE 2006 International Conference in Nashville, TN, USA.


Science and Art in Training This short article was first published in Good Bird Magazine in 2005.
The photo on the left shows a light-weight, strong transport crate constructed from Coraplast. Inside it has a plywood base with a perch attached. The base and perch are covered with indoor/outdoor carpet to facilitate easy cleaning. A template for this crate may be downloaded by following this link. Note that the template is without dimensions and should be scaled to suit the bird being transported. Please don't forget the ventilation too!
PVC is Your Friend - This is a poster presentation given at the 2005 IAATE International Conference in Atlanta, GA. It describes the use of PVC pipe and fittings for the construction of perches for both show and in-mews situations.
 Conservation - In-situ, Ex-situ ... why not me too!

This paper was presented at the 2002 IAATE International Conference.

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