Training and Behavior Glossary

The following is a series of short articles defining some of the terminology used in behavior science and in training. While it is not intended to be a complete list I hope that it will help you understand the terms, their use and misuse, and help when communicating with other caregivers, trainers, and behaviorists.

  1. Training and Behavior Terms Defined
  2. Training and Behavior Terms – Punishment
  3. Behavior and Learning Defined
  4. What is a Stimulus?
  5. Extinction – Defined

This glossary is a work in progress so come back and check for new articles or subscribe to this blog using the RSS link or through the Avian Ambassadors Facebook page.

If you have a term that you would like defined or if you have a question about terminology please email me   (TrainingBlogatAvianAmbassadorsdotcom)  and I will do my best to answer.

The definitions is the this series of articles are taken from “Learning and Behavior” by Paul Chance.

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