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A blog follow-up

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

In my last article I wrote about the marketing practices used by Bird Tricks when selling their products. That article, not surprisingly, has been the most widely read article for some time with links and emailed supportive comments still flowing in on a daily basis. Shortly after the article was posted I received an email from Jason Macek of Bird Tricks complaining about the article. After many emails back and forth I committed to a follow up article. This is that article.


After several email exchanges I was informed by Jason that the two sites I had seen and criticized in my article were owned by two of the Bird Tricks affiliates and not by Bird Tricks or perhaps more specifically not owned by Womach Brother Productions. Since the owners of those sites were not available (because they registered their domains by proxy which hides their identity) Jason agreed to contact them, and on one of the sites the specific video I had given as an example of this unacceptable practice of copyright infringement was removed. There have been no other changes to that site or the other site; they both continue the same practices as before.


Through-out my conversation with Jason I tried to convince him that the actions of their affiliates in the process of selling Bird Tricks products were the responsibility of Bird Tricks. He did not and does not agree. He said on several occasions that Bird Tricks has no control of how their affiliates operate and did not accept that the actions of these affiliates reflects directly upon the perception of Bird Tricks and the way it chooses to do business. Further he did not agree with my repeated suggestion that Bird Tricks has the ultimate control of their affiliates by simply terminating them. I will leave the reader to reflect on what this says about Bird Tricks business philosophy.

Eventually it became apparent to me that our conversation was becoming circular. I have nothing further to add in terms of comments other than should Bird Tricks decide to become an open, transparent business, and require their affiliates operate in a similar manner I will be happy to report that change of direction in my blog.