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2016, May 13th to the 15th (Friday through Sunday) Avian Ambassadors is offering ANIMAL BEHAVIOR AND CARE SYMPOSIUM at the Marriott Uptown on Louisiana NE (just off I-40) in Albuquerque, NM.

Friday is a half day with the afternoon spent with Avian Ambassadors' founder and head trainer Sid Price teaching raptor handling. The first 12 to sign up for the symposium will be invited to work hands-on with Avian Ambassadors' raptors. There is plenty of room, and plenty to learn, for non-bird-handling auditors at a slightly reduced rate.

All of Saturday will be spent with Sid Price and Dr. Susan Friedman discussing and sharing the science of behavior change and its ethical application to animal training. This day should not be missed by anyone wanting a better understanding of animal behavior. The knowledge gained can help you be a better trainer and animal care giver too.

Sunday starts with a keynote presentation to set the tone of the day. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Cynthia Stringfield DVM who is a zoo veterinarian as well as Department Chair and Professor of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College. She has cared for animals at Marine World/Africa USA (now Discovery Kingdom), the Los Angeles Zoo and America's Teaching Zoo and currently also works as a member of the veterinary team at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She was the California Condor Species Survival Program/Veterinary Advisor for 17 years and was also a member of California Condor Recovery Team." The keynote presentation will be followed by round table discussions with several veterinarians who are donating their time to the event to make it an informative and educational day and to answer your questions.

Registration for Friday's Raptor Handling Workshop is $65.00, note there are a limited number of hands-on places available. For those wishing to audit this workshop the fee is $30.00.

Registration for Saturday and Sunday, the weekend, is $250.00.

Lunch is included for Saturday and Sunday's sessions.

CEU are available for IATCB and IAABC. Please email us if you would like us to apply for other CEUs.

Register today using our online site.


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